Free Theme by Theme Open Stock

This work is a copyright and intellectual property of Theme Open Stock. The artwork is published under the Creative Common 3.0 Attribution License.

That basically means that you can use (copy, re-distribute, adapt, re- work) the theme graphic (or part of it), even commercially, with the condition that you must give credit to Theme Open Stock for the creation of the artwork.

How to credit?

We are giving great resources for free and the only thing we ask in exchange is that we are credited for the work we've done as the license require when you publish our artwork.

For web use

The following credit with a backlink to our site is required:

Themes by Theme Open Stock
Themes should be a link to

Suggested HTML code:

<p><a href="" title="Free ">Themes</a> by Theme Open Stock</p>

Other uses

For printed material, logos, video or animation productions, software applications, games, study projects, etc, please publish the following credit:

Themes by


Don't want to give attribution?

If you don't want to publish a credit as is required above you must purchase a license which allows you the use of the artwork without publishing any credit.
You can purchase the license below in this page through paypal.

More details of the use you can give to a theme you've purchased a license are given here.

Any other doubt concerning usage of the themes and licenses please contact us.