Theme Open Stock License

All content published by Theme Open Stock as an author (not as a website) are Copyright and intellectual property of All rights are reserved.
Artwork published by Theme Open Stock as an author (not as a site) can be used both for commercial and personal use. Our artworks are published under Creative Commons licenses which prevail for free use and require attribution. More information on how to credit us for free use of artworks can be read here.
Without prejudice of the previous paragraph, if you want to use any of the artworks done by Theme Open Stock, without publishing a credit, you must purchase a commercial license and stick to the following requirements.

Once you have purchased the license on Paypal you will get an email from paypal with the name of the theme purchased which is voucher of your purchase.

Commercial License agreement (for purchased licenses)

Purchase of a license is non-exclusive, non-transferable and give you limited right to use the artwork(s). Only the purchaser is licensed to use the content. It may be transferred to clients, printers, employees for reproduction but such parties don’t have further right to use the content.
Purchase do not transfer any copyright or intellectual property to the purchaser and the license of use is under a royalty-free modality.

Admissible uses of a theme (for purchased licenses)


Inadmissible uses of a theme (for purchased license)

No Refunds (check the theme before buy)

As themes are available to download freely, we encourage that you check the theme file with an appropriate software (we recommend Adobe® Illustrator® CS3 or higher) before buying a license.
Once payment is done, no refunds will be possible.
Also, take into account that at the moment we are no offering support so be sure that the file is ok before buying the license.  

You declare that you accept the above terms of use for the Purchased license and state that you don’t have right to claim anything. 

If you need further assistance please contact us. We will be happy to clarify your doubts. We may take 8 working days to reply.